Pink/Orange Kurta Set with Hand Embroidery
Pink/Orange Kurta Set with Hand Embroidery
Pink/Orange Kurta Set with Hand Embroidery
Pink/Orange Kurta Set with Hand Embroidery
Pink/Orange Kurta Set with Hand Embroidery

Pink/Orange Kurta Set with Hand Embroidery

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Clothes has the amazing power to encapsulate the spirit of life's special events. In the realm of wedding festivities, your outfit becomes a canvas that paints the vivid colours of joy, love, and tradition. And in this tapestry of emotions, an outfit stands out - a stunning pink/orange silk kurta set with intricate hand embroidery.
Picture a beautiful summer's evening with the sun setting and the sky drenched in pink and orange hues. It's the perfect backdrop for a wedding celebration, and your outfit should be nothing less than spectacular. The pink/orange silk kurta for men in Ahmedabad is designed to radiate the same warmth and vibrancy as the occasion.
This mesmerising ensemble celebrates India's rich textile heritage and the art of intricate embroidery. Pink or orange, two vibrant and joyous colours, symbolise the festive spirit and the promise of new beginnings.
Read on to learn more about this splendid attire that's ready to add a touch of magic to your special day.


Skilled artisans infuse heart and heritage into this wedding kurta for men. Resham threads tell a tale of tradition, forming intricate patterns. Sequins bring glamour, like stardust. Meticulous beadwork adds depth and shimmer. It's more than embroidery; it's a labour of love and expertise, turning fabric into mesmerising art that captures admiration.


The silk kurta for men epitomises luxury, draping elegantly. Its pink/orange hues radiate joy. Silk's strength and sheen enhance the intricate embroidery. Breathable and comfy for extended celebrations. It's a timeless choice, aligning with handcrafted artistry, a statement of sophistication. The wedding kurta, when paired with ivory trousers, combines festivity, modern elegance, and tradition to create an exceptional look.


Color Variations possible depending on lights & devices used during photography & also device used to watch picture.

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